About Jersey City Community Church

The sun rises from the east over the Hudson River and awakes us at the beginning of a new day. So does God's truth and salvation awake our souls.

Jersey City Community Church ("JCCC") has been driven by this purpose of God, with the efforts of the Rutgers Community Christian Church in Somerset, New Jersey, and some local Chinese Christians in Jersey City, starting before the event of September 11, 2001.

Its primary goal is to serve the spiritual needs ofthe Jersey City community. Many of our church members work in the financial and high-tech industries in New York City. JCCC counts among its members bankers, accountants, attorneys, software engineers, consultants, business owners, managers, and so forth. JCCC is also the home for many visitors from China whohave become Christian here, and many have since returned to China with God's blessings.

JCCC believes in Jesus Christ died on cross in full payment of the sins of human race and His resurrection embodies God's invitation for each of us into an abundant life in this world and ever more afterwards. We all need Christ to enrich us with heavenly riches that last, to satisfy our deepest needs, to heal the pains and wounds in our soul, and to bring us into God's wonderful light.